Colour Zone 
We can create every colour in the world... 

It may sound like a tall order, but we can... we really can!

Whether your inspirations drawn from man-made artefacts or works of art, we can create the colour.

No matter how strident it is, no matter how subtle, no matter how enlivening or subduing, we can create the colour.

And not just a close match, we can create the perfect match.  You bring us your sample and we'll give you the colour as a can of paint - and in your choice of finish.  We'll scientifically measure the characteristics of your sample, in store, using our advanced colorzone spectrophotometer and give you ultimate colour precision.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer this degree of colour accuracy.

Others may come close, but we know that close sometimes isn't enough!

Simply take your chosen sample to the colourzone counter and they will create your unique recipe - you can even give your new shade a memorable name which stockists can keep on file just for you!

To find out your nearest stockist, call the Crown Trade Customer Relations Team on 0845 389 9583; email or visit our website: