Our Environmental Policy 

As one of the largest paint manufacturers in the UK, we know that our actions can have a big impact on both the community and on the planet.  That's why, at Crown Paints, we try to think carefully about the effects.  We don't claim to be perfect, but we are doing our bit to ensure that in our day-to-day activities we do things in a way that is least damaging to the environment and other people, wheter they are a partner contractor, customer or a neighbour.


  • Purchase only the correct amount of paint for each job using the spreading rate quoted on the pack or data sheet
  • Remove as much paint as possible from equipment before cleaning
  • Use the minimum amount of cleaner and re-use as often as possible
  • Do not empty any paint into drains or water courses
  • Contact your local authority regarding disposal of waste product

For more information, please contact the Crown Trade Customer Relations Team, who will put you in contact with your local Specification Sales Manager.

0845 389 9583 or 01 8164400 (Eire)
or email:  info@crowntrade.co.uk