Sustainable Smart Maintenance 

Sustainable Smart Maintenance is Crown Paints’ way of addressing the cyclical redecoration needs of buildings in such a way as to provide optimal solutions on a “site-specific” basis. The process relies upon careful site surveys, leading to detailed specifications which take into account all variables to which the building is subject. For externals, these can include physical location (urban, coastal, rural, etc.), aspect relative to prevailing wind and rain, substrate, standard of previous decoration and subsequent maintenance regimes. Internally, consideration would be given to the way in which individual spaces are used, traffic levels and aesthetic considerations. The resultant solution, which will be neither under nor over specified will involve a selection of product exactly suited to requirements, along with a recommended schedule for cyclical redecoration.

For more information, please contact the Crown Trade Customer Relations Team, who will put you in contact with your local Specification Sales Manager.

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